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Quest For Life - 16

12.11.21 07:51 PM By thanjavur

Quest For Life - 16

Question: My husband is a good person. He reads the scriptures diligently without fail. Unfortunately, he has many problems in the office and with his friends. He says God will take care of everything. He imposes the same thought on us. I wonder if he is indifferent to worldly matters by putting the pressure on God. 

​Is my understanding correct, Swamiji?       

- Smt. Indhumathi, Sivakasi.

Answer: Such problems seem to be more prevalent among Hindus at present. Today what our people need is the power of mind to transform oneself into a person of good emotions and strength, rather than mere emotional outpouring in the name of devotion that gives only mere peace of mind.

In Bhagavad Gita, at the outset Sri Krishna pointed out that Arjuna was 'speaking like a wise man, but being negligent in proper action'. What is the sign that we are truly living according to the will of God? Being joyful and enthusiastic about life is an important sign that we need to be.

God will take care of everything is the ultimate experience of the matured sages / devotees / saints. Are we waiting for God's grace after we have done our duty in the first place? It is a question to ask.

The spiritual life shown by Swami Vivekananda is Practical Vedanta. According to him, both the highest sattvic behaviour and the sheer tamasic behaviour look silent from outside.

But there is a vast difference between a Yogi’s joyful silence, the outcome of meditation and a thief lurking quietly being afraid of police. Devotees must differentiate them and stay away from the latter.

We must keep in mind that we can effectively carry out the daily task set for us, for Bhagavad Gita says, 'Dexterity in work is Yoga'- Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam. Those who don’t act diligently to hard situations in life, don’t really trust God, but only blame Him. Those who lament, 'God, why have you forsaken me?,' belong to that category.

The Lord prefers primarily our sweat as a result of doing our duty to the tears that come from our emotional devotion in the beginning.

Even, Srima Sarada Devi, divine consort of an incarnation, mother of the great monastic lineage of Sri Ramakrishna said, "In spiritual matters, I will follow the teachings of Gurudev Sri Ramakrishna meticulously; but I will use my common sense in everyday matters."

Wonderful! If our people develop this attitude, spiritual knowledge, social concern and commitment, surely every Hindu is a very perfect zealous devotee. Only then will Hindu families and Hinduism walk heroically in the path of Vivekananda. We can protect everything, from temples to shastras, which are the properties of Hinduism.

So, Indhumathi, please explain to your husband, however noble or good his thoughts may be, he should always be vigilant to the events in day-to-day life.

Swami Vimurtananda

11 November, 2021

Ramakrishna Math, Thanjavur